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Global Innovation Fund: Get funding up to $15 million

We all have once dream to change the world, few did and still a lot can be done.

You have an idea that has potential to solve one of the most daunting or problematic area of India’s development, then you might be able to get funding up to $15 million for your dream start-up. Global Innovation Fund (GIF) provides an opportunity for potentially disruptive start-ups to pursue their focus on innovation and creating cutting edge technology that can be helpful not for only business but for everyone. GIF welcomes applications from around the world especially from developing countries to propose innovative, cost-effective solutions that has potential to address any developmental issues in any country.

GIF is a London based non-profit organization started in 2015 only that invests in social innovations that aim to transform the lives of millions of people in developing countries.

GIF offers funding from $50,000 to $15 million. The funding depends upon the development of innovation i.e. it should be in best shape when you are applying otherwise merely having an idea based proposal perhaps won’t ensure funding.

What it offers?

  • Financing options: GIF provides a very flexible option for: grants, loans and equity investments depends upon the type of social entrepreneur you are.
  • Access top global network of experts: The innovators get access to the growing global network of funders and experts.
  • Technical assistance: The innovators can get technical assistance based on their needs.
  • Get other investors: GIF also provides an opportunity to innovators to showcase their work to other interested investors in order to increase the chances of funding.

For profit organizations

Getting grants for non-profit organizations are comparatively easy than profit-organizations due to their continued focus on social sector without a motive of commercialization. In order to get grants for profit-organizations, they need to provide a compelling rationale why they are requesting grants rather than risk capital (such as equity or debt) and why the innovation will be considered as a public good that benefits society.


  • Social enterprises, NGOs, for profit organizations, government agencies, international organizations and researchers across all relevant sectors.
  • Applications from developing countries are encouraged to apply.

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