Government of Goa has come up with a revised scheme for literacy and vocational training for adults.


The objective of the Scheme is to increase adult literacy rate in the State, illiterate to acquire the day to skills.


The scheme for literacy and vocational training for adults in the state of Goa shall be implemented through various N.G.O’s, NSS volunteers from various Higher Secondary schools in the State and also with the help of retired/in service teachers and unemployed uneducated youth. All illiterate adults are eligible.


The illiterate are trained in the skill of writing, reading numbers (learning numerals) 1 to 100, knowledge of money matter involving in day to day life. Further to impart basic skills of vocational training in artificial jewellery making, preparation of chalk candles, paper bags, glass painting fabric painting, pot painting, training of mehandi, rangoli, rakhi, greeting cards, flower bouquets, flower pots, training of beauty parlour etc. Under Component I, Rs.100/- per head per month for six months is given for each illiterate adult and under Component II, III, IV Rs. 100/- per head per month for three months is given for each illiterate adult.

How to apply:

All illiterate adults are free to join the training conducted through various N.G.O.’s, Village Panchayats and Municipalities/Municipal Corporations conducted by Senior Citizens, NSS Students and serving/retired school Teachers.

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