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Financial Incentives Upto 2 Lakhs for Cooperative Societies under this scheme: Goa


The Government of Goa is pleased to approve the Scheme and pattern of financial assistance  to the following cooperative societies in Goa-

  1. Primary Agricultural Credit Cooperative Societies.
  2. Consumer Cooperative Societies.
  3. Taluka Farmers Cooperative Societies.
  4. Processing and Marketing Cooperative Societies in the State.  


This scheme is for the development/smooth functioning of business and other allied activities of these cooperative societies.


  • Incentives are given to the societies registered under the Cooperative Societies Act.
  • The Society shall submit the copy of resolution passed by the Board of Directors for availing financial assistance.
  • Concerned Zonal Assistant Registrar shall submit an attested copy of the Registration Certificate and a certificate stating that the society has completed 50 years in existence and presently functioning along with the proposal.
  • Society shall submit the Audited Statement of Accounts for the last two years.
  • Society shall submit updated list of members as on date of the application.
  • The societies under liquidation are not covered / entitled under the scheme.


The Primary Agricultural Credit/Consumer/Taluka Farmers/Processing and Marketing Cooperative Societies can avail financial incentive of Rs. 2.00 lakhs at once on completion of 50 years in existence.

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