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Scheme to Financially support Centres of Excellence

Name of the scheme: Financial Assistance for support to Centres of Excellence

Purpose: The main purpose of this scheme is to strengthen the institutional resource capabilities of various NGOs, Research Institutes and University Departments to conduct qualitative, action oriented and policy research on tribal communities and to enhance and upgrade the existing skills, knowledge and technical know-how of the NGOs, Research Institutes and University Departments so that they may be able to uphold the cultural diversity of the Scheduled Tribes of the country and their empowerment.

Criteria for selection of Centres of Excellence (CoE):

  • Excellent application-oriented research background
  • National or Inter National recognition of the capability of the centres to undertake field research
  • Capability to undertake field research at least in the regional contest; National level capability will be preferred.
  • Excellent infrastructure for research & training
  • Reasonable financial corpus for research activities to go on even if Ministry funds are not available
  • Reasonable permanent and temporary research & administrative manpower
  • Appropriate networking with related institution

Financial assistance:

Grants-in-aid will be provided on the basis of approved research study programmes and project proposals.

Funding pattern:

  • The Institutes/Organizations declared as Centre of Excellence will be provided 100% Grants-in-aid by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs.
  • The instalment will be released only after submission of draft report of the research study/documentation done by a particular institute/organization.

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