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Government to launch Green Highways Policy

  • To transform India’s 96,000-km network of National Highways into green corridors, a Green Highways Project is likely to be launched by Union Transport Minister.
  • Under the policy, it will be mandatory to set aside 1 per cent of the total project cost for plantation.
  • Keen on transforming the NHs network into green corridors to minimise pollution, the ‘Green Fund’ is the brainchild of Gadkari, who is confident that once kickstarted, the policy will not only create huge number of jobs but also contribute significantly to the economic growth.
  • 1 per cent of the Total Project Cost (TPC), will be set apart for highway plantation and its maintenance. This fund will be transferred to NHAI to maintain a separate fund account called ‘Green Highways Fund’ only for this purpose.
  • The minister said “The government plans to create a brigade of 1,000 contractors to fulfil this ambitious task. Now, we have taken a decision that 1 per cent of cost in construction is for tree plantation and other things. We are going to create 1,000 contractors in the country”.

Source: ET

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