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  • Gadkari has reportedly favoured limiting the privilege to President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, Speaker and Chief Justice of India at the Centre. In line with this norm, use of red beacon could be limited to governor, CM, assembly speaker and chief justice of the high court in states.
  • Operation Smile: Rajnath Singh’s push helps recover 2500 missing children.
  • A special team tasked with investigating black money is set to crack down on widespread use of unaccounted funds in the education sector by way of donations and capitation fee.The special investigation team (SIT) met Saturday and discussed ways to detect, curb and recover illegal wealth finding its way into educational institutions -– from schools to colleges.
  • PMO seeks report on West Bengal nun gang rape and church attack in Hissar.
  • Government to fix time-frame for probe and trial of acid attack cases.
  • Centre bans private emails for official communication. Government will also track online activities of officials to monitor their productivity.
  • Government plans smart police stations: Home Ministry’s conception of a ‘smart’ police station: A modern reception to receive visitors, gym for police personnel, lock-ups with CCTV cover, records rooms with modern storage system and deep freezers for forensic samples:
  • Government bans 69 NGOs from receiving foreign funds: government decided to closely scruitinize flow of funds against whom an adverse report has been received from Intelligence Bureau.
  • Black money law would be soon passed in the parliament.
  • Government to ensure safeguards to make sure black money law not used to harass overseas students.
  • The silver lining for the government comes from the Naxal-affected arena and receding levels of communal violence incidents in 2014 under the Modi government. Incidents of Naxal violence and resultant casualties dropped to a record low of 1091 and 309 respectively — the lowest for over a decade.
  • Modi govt plans to tackle Maoism with incentives, benefits for troops: Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s new policy focuses on the 23 worst-hit districts among the 88 left-wing extremism-affected areas. The Government is hoping to attract its best talent to serve in these troubled areas, with the policy offering new incentives for officials.

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