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Performing Arts Grants Scheme

Under this scheme financial assistance will be provided to dramatic groups, theatre groups, music ensembles, children theatre, solo artists and for all genres of performing arts activities.

The scheme will have the following major components :

  1. Production Grant.
  2. Repertory Grant.


Production Grant

  1. The projects selected for financial assistance under this scheme shall normally be of the duration not exceeding one year. Amongst the items which may be treated as approved items for purpose of grant will be salary remuneration to artists including casual artists at prevalent rates, cost of productions/performance, rental for halls of rehearsals, cost of costumes, transport contingencies, research expenditure etc.
  2. The application for seeking Production Grant must contain detailed cost estimates with proper justification so that the Expert Committee could consider recommendation of grant based on actual requirement.
  3. In selecting individual projects for assistance, care will be taken to ensure that all different art forms and styles from all parts of the country are represented, giving due preference to rare and traditional forms. Preference would be given to new Play/Acts/Production.
  4. Special consideration will be given to projects which are aimed at encouraging experimental and innovative methodologies emerging out of original writing, original direction, theatre-research, theatre training programme or training of audience and those who foster cultural activities at the rural level.
  5. Production Grant will be disbursed in two installment 75% and 25% respectively in following manner:
  • 75% of approved amount approved by Expert Committee after approval of Minutes and IFD.
  • 25% of balance amount after receiving application to release the 2nd installment alongwith all requisite documents as communicated vide sanction letter of 1st installment provided that the Organizations should mandatorily organize at least 02 activities (function, lecture, seminar, workshop, exhibition etc.) in any of the schools in their vicinity. A certificate to this effect from the Principal of school would be a mandatory requirement for release of 2nd installment”.
  1. The grantees who are sanctioned Production Grant must provide their programme details to the Ministry of Culture so that the same can be uploaded in the websites of the Ministry of Culture.
  2. Organizations/Individuals seeking Production Grant are eligible to obtain only one grant in a financial year.

Repertory Grant

  1. The Group ensembles to be assisted for Repertory Grant will be expected to have a repertoire of adequate number and quality and should have given performances on an all India basis.
  2. Those grantees who are getting Repertory Grant, would be recommended for renewal of Salary Grant only when they stage at least two productions during the financial year. Out of this at least one production must be a new production i.e. which has not been staged earlier.
  3. The Repertory Grant will be reviewed annually by the Expert Committee set up for the purpose.
  4. In case of Salary Grant, physical verification would be compulsory for continuation of grants after 4th year.

Amount of Grant:

Repertory Grant: Effective from 1/4/2009, salary grant will be given to a maximum number of 25 artistes and one guru as decided by the Expert Committee. Effective from 1/4/2009, assistance for each artiste /Guru will be as given below :

Artiste : Rs. 6000/- per month.

One Guru/Director : Rs. 10000/- per month.

Production Grant: Effective from 1/4/2009, a maximum of Rs. 5 lakh per year shall be given to the Organization/Individual depending upon the project. However, in case of larger Productions, meeting specific requirements in tune with the scheme, the upper limit of grant could be relaxed with approval of Hon’ble Minister.

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