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In about to change, Haryana Govt initiated Cyber Security Policy

Cyberspace is vulnerable to a wide variety of incidents and large-scale cyber incidents (identity theft, phishing, social, engineering, cyber terrorism, compound threats targeting mobile devices and smart phone, compromised digital certificates) may cause complications of a magnitude that may threaten lives, economy and national security. Rapid identification, information exchange, investigation and coordinated response and remediation can mitigate the damage caused by malicious cyberspace activity. The protection of information infrastructure and preservation of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information in cyberspace is the essence of a secure cyber space.

Objective :

  • To create a safe cyber society of Haryana state
  • To create a Cyber Security Policy Framework for design of security policies
  • To develop suitable indigenous security technologies by supporting research, solution
  • To encourage wider usage of IT/ICT infrastructure
  • To support capacity building activities by enabling Education, Training and Awareness activities
  • To provide fiscal benefits to businesses in Haryana for adoption
  • To encourage the adoption of information security
  • To enable effective prevention, investigation and prosecution of cyber crime and enhancement of law enforcement

Features :

Protection of IT/ICT and Information System Processes in Haryana

  • Create an IT/ICT, Information control systems Protection Plan in collaboration with the public, private sectors.
  • ISMO to serve as central point in the state for responding to cyber security incidents

Establishing Computer Emergency Response Team

  • The Government of Haryana shall establish Haryana State – Computer Emergency Response Team.
  • A dedicated Officer as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at state level for round the clock and shall continuously monitor the cyber situation

VA/ PT/ SOC Services

  • State nodal agency ISMO to coordinate all auditing activities related to cyber security auditing.
  • The Government of Haryana shall provide awareness, through a dedicated website/ portal.

Early Warning and Response System

  • To facilitate cooperation and collaboration against cyber threats at highest level.
  • To create cyber security forum
  • CISO (Designated by state) shall coordinate forums of cyber security
  • Crisis management plan including cyber exercises

How big is cyber security for Haryana Government

  • The Government of Haryana ensures 6,000 Cyber Security professionals will be trained over the next 5 years
  • The Haryana Government ensures in updating with Cyber Security curriculum in schools, colleges and Universities

Programs Haryana Government to conduct on cyber securities

  • Launching a citizen portal in association with www.haryana-ismo.gov.in in
  • Establishment of a Cyber Security Call Centre
  • Awareness campaign on cyber security through workshops, advertisements
  • A web-site www.hs-cert.gov.in can be initiated, for providing up-to-date advisories to the citizens
  • Annual Conference on Cyber Security

To read cyber security policy : Click Here

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