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India & Morocco Working Towards Countering Terrorism


  • India is working with North African country of Morocco and even contemplating a Joint Working Group on terrorism and Extradition Treaty to fight the menace amid the growth of Islamic State (IS) and various offshoots of Al Qaeda in the region spanning from Africa to the Gulf.
  • “The setting up of a joint working group on terrorism between India and Morocco can no longer be postponed. We have been talking about it for a long time,” said Wadhwa adding that inking of an extradition treaty and a mutual legal assistance treaty in criminal matters would strengthen counter-terror cooperation.
  • Morocco is also training imams of the Arab countries, Africa and Europe.
  • In order to fight terrorism Rabat has formed a group of 30 countries – Group of Friends on Counter terrorism – India and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council are members of that.


  • It is important to recognize that the IS seeks to capture the hearts and minds of the vulnerable sections of the population, which makes it imperative for us to pose an ideological challenge by emphasizing the values of plurality , diversity, religious tolerance, moderation – values both India and Morocco subscribe to.

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