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India to soon get luminous highways to enhance safety


  • Some of India’s dark patches could soon get futuristic luminous highways. These highways, costing just 15-20 per cent more than regular highways, do not require any street lights and come to light on their own as a photo-luminescent coating similar to glow-in-the-dark paint creates ethereal looking lines that get charged by sunlight.
  • It costs Rs 11-15 per km to build a regular highway in the hilly areas.
  • It will not only help save precious energy consumed by street lights but also make the roads safer.
  • Studies have shown that proper lighting can substantially reduce fatalities and crashes.
  • According to a government study, the energy consumption on public lighting will double to 13.2 (terawatt-hours) TWh by 2020 from the level in 2010. Street lights have high hours of use as they are on for over 4,000 hours per year and consume a lot of energy.
  • The government is also planning to make rumple strips running along the lanes mandatory to alert drivers.

Source: ET

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