Train from Spain: Talgo to run trial runs of faster trains in India


  • Government has given an in-principle nod for Madrid-based locomotive-maker Talgo to undertake trial runs of its lighter and faster trains that could cut travel time between Mumbai and Delhi from 17 hours to 12 hours without overhauling India’s ageing rail tracks.
  • The trial train to India will come by October or early November at companies own cost and risk to demonstrate its advantages.
  • The firm’s passenger trains can run from 160 kilometres to 220 km an hour and are being used across the world on legacy rail tracks, including several routes in central Asia and the US.
  • Enthused by Indian Railways’ ambitious plan to invest $125 billion, Talgo is eager to set up a manufacturing hub in India to tap the Indian and Asia-Pacific market using the recently opened window for 100% FDI in the sector.

Source: ET

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