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India, US to sign military cooperation agreement


  • US Defence Secretary, Ashton Carter is making it a point to start with a visit to the Visakhapatnam based Eastern Naval Command that is tasked to maintain Indian presence in the South China sea region and the Strait of Malacca.
  • India and US will not only sign a new defence cooperation agreement to take ahead from a 2005 pact but are also set to explore the possibilities of cooperating in the development of missile defence systems and take forward proposals for joint development of military equipment.
  • The new 10-year defence framework agreement being signed during Carter’s visit will contain a specific reference to the Defense Technology & Trade Initiative (DTTI) that seeks to co-develop defence systems. Among the proposals expected fromWashington is the possibility for cooperation in the development of a new basic trainer for the Indian Air Force.
  • A possibility being looked at is assisting HAL to develop a new aircraft on the lines of the Hawker Beechcraft T 6 Texan II trainer.
  • The two sides will explore possible cooperation in the advanced field of missile defence systems.

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