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Minority Scholarship Allocation Scheme for students of Kerala

The Kerela government has come up with a New Minority Allocation Scheme (NMAS) for the students of Kerela. This scheme aims to provide financial aid to these students so that they can pursue their education or undergo vocational/technical training without any financial obstacles. The larger goal is to uplift the religious minority economically and socially in society. The Minority Welfare wing of the state government offers various forms of scholarship schemes to the students coming from religious minorities of the state. This new minority allocation scheme is a flagship program under which various minority educational scholarships will be provided to the students under one roof. So that they can avail the schemes easily. The different scholarship schemes under NMAS are -C H Muhammed Koya Scholarship(CHMS),  ITC Fee Reimbursement(ITCF), CA/ICWA CMA /CS Scholarship(IWCS),  Civil Service Fee Reimbursement(CSFR),  Prof.JosephMundassery Scholarship Award(PJMS),  Mother Teresa Scholarship(MTS),  APJ Abdul Kalaam Scholarship(APJAK),  Urdu Scholarship(URDU).

Till now all the schemes for the religious minorities were devised on the framework of merit cum scholarship formula. The state government of Kerela has devised a new way of distributing scholarship funds among the students of religious minorities. The latest development of the Minority Allocation Scheme is to distribute funds depending upon the total population size of the religious communities. Through this latest development, the state government intends to cover all the religious minorities of the state so that more students from these communities could access all the minority educational scheme benefits.

The highlight of the latest scheme:
  1. A total outlay of Rs 23.51 crore has been allocated for the scheme.
  2. Christian students of all denominations will get a total of Rs 9.60 crore and Muslims with Rs 13.38 crore minority educational scholarship.
  3. Under the scheme, the present scholarship distribution for Christian is 40.87% of total funds and Muslims will get 59% of the fund.
  4. The total allocation of funds for both Muslims and Christians has been increased under this scheme.
  1. Students will be able to still retain the earlier benefits of all the scholarship schemes.
  2. Christian students would together get Rs 4.43 crore(increased from Rs 1.6 crore) under the C H Muhammad Koya scheme.
  3. Depending on the eligibility criteria of individual schemes, the monetary benefit will be provided to undergraduates, postgraduates and professional course students.
  4. The money will be transferred directly to the bank account of the beneficiary.
  1. The annual family income of the beneficiary should be below Rs 8 lakh per annum
  2. The beneficiary should a native resident of Kerela
Where to apply:

For detail of individual schemes check  To apply for the schemes click on the link

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