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Modi’s foreign policy is beating Pakistan at every step


  • The report pins the blame on the country’s old-school diplomats, politicians and military thinkers of ignoring the changes in the global environment and their attitude towards arch-rival India and the world’s major powers.
  • Pakistan’s diplomatic policy is shaped by ideology instead of being based on pragmatism.
  • While the Islamic nation boasts of its nuclear arsenal and their delivery systems vis-a-vis India, it hardly tells its citizens about the widening gap between the two countries in most fields including education, scientific research and innovation.
  • Pakistan has already fought four wars with India and lost half its territory in the process, the erstwhile East Pakistan (Bangladesh ), in 1971 but the Kashmir dispute still rages on.
  • India has proceeded to broaden its horizons to encompass traditional Pakistani friends like China, Iran and the UAE while the poor nation continues on its lonely path to nowhere.
  • India’s strategic partnership with UAE is expected to hit Pakistan where it hurts.
  • While trade, investment and energy appear in the India-UAE joint statement, the dominant theme of the agreement by far, is security and counter-terrorism.

Source: DefenceNews

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