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NaMo at SCO – What is the buzz on Shanghai Cooperation?


India’s role in SCO Summit:

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin called for integration of the Eurasian Economic Union and Silk Road, to meet the mutual interests of the regional countries.
  • India has different forums and ways to relate to China, the nations are still at odds over their own territorial dispute and China’s assertions of power in the South China Sea.
  • India can take part in a more China-friendly discussion at the SCO about Central Asian development.
  • PM Modi’s break the ice with Pakistan over the recent cooling off of bilateral relations.

China’s expectations and Indian response:

  • Chinese defense minister Chang Wanquan said that China is willing to cooperate with government departments of defense in member states of SCO to ensure steady development of defense and security cooperation within the region.
  • The SCO now groups China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan as member states, with Afghanistan, India, Iran, Mongolia and Pakistan as observers and Belarus, Turkey and Sri Lanka as dialogue partners.
  • China is planning to boost development in the economies of its western provinces and administrative regions.
  • India has expressed its desire to attract Chinese investments and being part of the MSR which help India to develop its northeast, further its Act East Policy and it could prove to be a perfect platform for regional and bilateral cooperation.
  • China’s motive for reviving Pax Mongolica is clear, as their based largely on exporting cheap manufactured goods to developed countries, is running out of stream.

American complacency towards SCO:

  • The US at present lacks the political will for military action of any scale to deal with issues and not specifically spelled out by defense treaties.
  • An increasing faction within each major, US political party favors a more protectionist approach to trade and a less forward-leaning approach to world affairs.

Russian power play in Central Asia visa-vis China:

  • Russia has a decision to station unmanned aerial vehicles to Central Asia in a move to counter China’s influence in the region.
  • Russia took a precautionary step after China’s declaration of its Belt and Road initiative.

Source: NITICentral

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