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Nirmal Gujarat Yojana: Gujarat Government

To maintain and strengthen the class of village and its residents, Gujarat State has undertaken to maintain villages clean under “Nirmal Gujarat Scheme”. This includes of shifting of dunghills, construction of toilets etc. The major aspects that would be dealt in this scheme are enlisted below:

  1. APL Toilets:
    • Construction of toilets in villages.
  2. Scavenging Tax:
    • In view of scavenging work under sanitation, scavenging tax was introduced.
  3. Shifting of Dung-Hills:
    • Correspondence regarding shifting of Dung-Hills is made in this branch.
  4. Classification of Record:
    • Classification of files was entrusted under Nirmal Gujarat.
  5. Scavenging Work:
    • Installation of dust bins under this.
  6. Health Check Up:
    • Looking to the work of health check-up officers and employees & appointment of the same if deficient.
  7. Door to Door Collection:
    • As the name says it refers to the collection of garbage by going door to door.

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