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Get Subsidy upto Rs. 5,000: Solar water heaters Scheme for General Public: Haryana

To conserve electricity in water heating applications, Department of Renewable Energy, Haryana/ Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency (HAREDA) has implemented a scheme on popularizing the use of solar water heating systems.


  • To promote the usage of solar as the next electricity generation alternative.
  • To reduce the dependence on conventional forms of energy like Coal etc.


  • All Haryana residents and Haryana Govt. Employees living in Chandigarh.
  • Solar Heating Systems billed before 1.4.2015 will not be accepted for State Financial Assistance.


  • Subsidy for Solar Water Heating Systems technology @ Rs. 5000/– per sq. meter of the collector area subject to max. 6 sq. meter for the flat plate collector (FPC).
  • Rs. 2000/- per square meter subject to max. 4.5 square meter area of the evacuated tube collector (ETC) solar water heating systems.

How to Apply

  • The Applicant can submit the application for reimbursement of State Financial Assistance in the prescribed format (annexed) along with requisite documents in the office of Additional Deputy Commissioner-cum-Chief Project Officer of the concerned district.
  • .List of the beneficiaries after reimbursement of the state subsidy will be uploaded & regularly updated on the web portal of the Department www.hareda.gov.in.

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