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Protected Cultivation Scheme in Gujarat

The Protected Cultivation Structure is a structure covered with a transparent material for the purpose of admitting natural light for plant growth. Greenhouse cultivation achieves higher production of vegetables and other horticultural crops. Besides increasing production, it also improves quality of the produces and ensures round the year availability

The Protected Cultivation technology is more suited to vegetables crops (such as tomato, capsicum, chilies etc.), flowers (like rose, gerbera, carnation etc) and nursery for all vegetable crops, because of their small life-span. Greenhouse protects the crops from wind, rain, radiation, precipitation etc. It creates a microclimate surrounding the crop that helps the crop for maximum growth in terms of production and quality. Greenhouse also provides higher concentrations of CO2 to increase the production to its maximum level.

By controlling environmental parameters (i.e. Temperature (0c), Relative humidity (%) and Light Intensity (lux)) and conserving of Carbon (CO2) inside the structure, following benefits may be obtained:

  • An efficient utilization of water, fertilizers and electricity.
  • Reduction in plant protection cost.
  • Crop(s) can be grown under adverse weather conditions
  • Higher average crop yield (30-40%) compared to open field cultivation
  • Improvement in the quality of produce.
  • Increase in farmer’s income


  • To introduce scientific methodology of farming.
  • To provide necessary infrastructure along with support system to educate them forProtected Cultivation.
  • To provide technical know-how regarding choice of crop and agricultural practices suitable to the agro climatic zone and the market demand.
  • Facilitate the farmers in terms of quality production by means of providing protected cultivation.
  • To facilitate in economic enhancement of the beneficiary farmers.
  • To facilitate farmers in backward and forward linkages in their Agriculture production.
  • Culminating to empowerment of the farming community.

Types of PC Structure:

  • Naturally Ventilated Poly House
  • Dome type Poly Shade Net House
  • Dome type Shade Net House
  • Flat type Shade Net House

Area of Structure: Any farmer irrespective of any type of structure as mentioned above can go for area ranges from 250 sq. meter maximum up to 2000 sq. meter.

Subsidy Norms:

All category of farmers are entitled to get a subsidy of 50% of the unit cost (jantri) which includes Structure of GI Pipes & Poly Film / Shade Net + Drip Irrigation  + Foggers; Incorporation of Insurance of life of beneficiary & Structures (STF perils), Agronomical Advisory Services for 1 year; Maintenance for 3 years.

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