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Railways to launch concession less Suvidha trains


  • Indian Railways will step ahead on concession-less service with the launch of Suvidha trains, the rechristened premium trains run on dynamic fare system from July 15,
  • These trains will cater to the peak demand observed during winter and summer rush, and festivals and will run on selected routes.
  • The idea is to cater to the premium passengers, including short-notice travelers, in order to give them better service and assured tickets, and earn additional revenue in the process.
  • In these trains the advanced reservation period (ARP) has been cut down to a maximum of 30 days and a minimum of 10 days.
  • Only general quota bookings will be applicable and there will also be no first AC, first class, executive class, general class, 2nd sitting (2S) coach in the composition of Suvidha trains.
  • Under the changed structure, railways will run three types of Suvidha trains:
    • Full AC trains without stops charging Rajdhani base fare and Tatkal charges;
    • Mixed service with no stops charging Duronto base fare and Tatkal charges; and
    • Mixed service with some stops charging base fare of mail and express trains, and Tatkal charges.

Source: Business Standard



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