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Rs 980 crore outlay for National Smart Grid Mission: Approved


  • The government has approved the National Smart Grid Mission with an outlay of Rs 980 crore.
  • The mission will serve as an institutional mechanism for planning, monitoring and implementing policies and programmes related to the smart grid.


  • Development of smart grid and micro grids, consumer engagements, training and capacity building among others.


  • NSGM will have a three-tier structure with a governing council, headed by the power minister, at the top. The council, which will have secretary-level officers of concerned ministries as members, will approve all policies and programmes for implementing the smart grid.
  • The second level will have an empowered committee, headed by the power secretary and have joint secretary level officers of concerned ministries as members. The empowered committee’s role will be to provide policy inputs to the governing council and approve, monitor and review specific smart grid projects.
  • The third tier will comprise a technical committee headed by the chairperson of the Central Electricity Authority.

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