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West Bengal: Assistance For Aquarium Fabrication Units

Now a day the aquaria are being maintained in many corporate offices, government offices hospitals, schools, airports, railway stations and bus stations etc, in addition to many households, as such there is greater demand for readymade aquaria. The fabrication of aquaria is the best suited activity for urban and semi urban youth including men and women. To encourage youth towards commencing of aquaria fabrication as income generation activity, NFDB and West Bengal Govt. will provide assistance under this scheme.


  • Members of Women SHGs /fisherwomen cooperatives and any individual having owned adequate vacant place for setting up fabrication of aquaria unit as prescribed by the NFDB.
  • Members of Women SHGs/ fisherwomen cooperative societies, any individual having taken adequate vacant land on lease for a minimum period of 7 years for setting up fabrication of aquaria unit as prescribed by NFDB.
  • Willing to take up the activity in accordance with the guidelines of NFDB
  • Prospective beneficiaries willing to undergo training at the Government sponsored institutions

Pattern of Assistance:       

  • The unit cost for establishment of fabrication of aquaria unit is estimated at Rs. 1,00,000/-
  • NFDB provides 50% of the unit cost as subsidy for members of women SHGs and fisher women cooperatives and 25% subsidy to any individual and to S.C/S.T the subsidy is 30% for establishment of fabrication of aquaria unit.

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