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Scheme to Boost Electric, Hybrid Vehicle Sales: FAME India


  • FAME-India or Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric vehicles in India as part of the National Mission for Electric Mobility has been launched.
  • Government launched this scheme that envisages to provide Rs 795 crore support till 2020 for the manufacturing and sale of electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • The government had approved an initial outlay of Rs 75 crore from Plan Fund for the FAME-India scheme in the Budget.
  • The overall scheme is proposed to be implemented over a period of 6 years, till 2020, wherein it is intended to support the hybrid or electric vehicles market development and its manufacturing eco-system to achieve self-sustenance at the end of the stipulated period.
  • The scheme will have four focus areas, technology development, demand creation, pilot projects and charging infrastructure.
  • The Department of Heavy Industries will be nodal department for the scheme.


  • To boost eco-friendly vehicles sales.
  • The scheme envisages providing demand incentives to electric and hybrid vehicles — from two-wheeler to buses — in range of Rs 1,800 to Rs 66 lakh.

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