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Scholarships for Minority Students of Goa


The scholarship at pre-matric level encourages parents from minority communities to send their children to school, lighten their financial burden on school education and sustain their efforts to support their children to complete school education. The scheme will form the foundation for their educational attainment and provide a level playing field in the competitive employment arena. Empowerment through education, which is one of the objectives of this scheme, has the potential to lead to upliftment of the socio economic conditions of the minority communities.


  • Applicant should belong to minority.
  • Scholarships will be awarded to students who have secured not less than 50% marks in the previous final examination.
  • Annual income of family of parents/guardians from all sources should not exceed Rs. 1 Lakh.
  • 30% of the scholarships will be earmarked for girl students. If eligible girl students are not available, then the balance earmarked scholarships may be rewarded to eligible boy students.


  • Scholarships will be provided for entire course.
  • Maintenance allowances will be given for 10 Months in an academic year.
Course Hostellers Day Scholars
Admission Fee for Class VI to X Rs. 500 Per Month


Rs. 500 Per Month


Tuition Fee from Class VI to X Rs. 350 Per Month Rs. 350 Per Month
Maintenance Allowance    
Class I to V Nil Rs. 100 Per Month
Class VI to X Rs. 600 Per Month Rs. 100 Per Month


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