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Sports Policy: Uttarakhand

State of Uttarakhand is well known for famous sports-persons who are from state. To encourage sports in the state government of Uttarakhand has come up with their sports policy. They Key objectives of the sports policy are enlisted below:

  • To provide a wider base of sports to Sports Federation, Sports Clubs, PRI in co-ordination with Department of Education to achieve excellence in National and International Sports Meet.
  • To develop state of mind and physical ability to play the game and providing basic amenities to develop.
  • Development and Strengthening of Infrastructure facilities.
  • Rise of the youth through Sports, Loyalty towards Social Values, Discipline and Strong will power.
  • For widening of base of sports, Inclusion of Sports and Physical Education as a subject in educational curriculum of students.
  • State Prize to selected specific Players.
  • Prizes to National and International Medal Winners.
  • To compensate with financial resources establishment of Games Fund.
  • Refreshment Courses, Workshops and Seminars for Trainers for latest information.
  • Awards for Special Achievement to Coach.
  • Advertisement of Sports.

Source: Department of Sports, Uttarakhand

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