Villages within 10 km of international border to be developed on priority


  • All villages located within 10 km of the international border will be developed on a priority basis with special emphasis on promotion of sports activities and rural tourism.
  • Priority will be given to those villages located within 0-10 km from the international border and within that the villages identified by the Border Guarding Forces (BGF) shall get upper-most priority.
  • The programme is supplemental in nature and the budget allocation for the financial year 2015-16 is Rs.990 crore.
  • The list of schemes permissible under BADP are relating to swatchhta aabhiyan, skill development programmes, promotion of sports activities in border areas, promotion of rural tourism/ border tourism; protection of heritage sites.
  •  It has been provided that the state governments shall have the monitoring of BADP schemes by the existing district-level monitoring/ vigilance committee where local Members of Parliament and MLAs are represented.

Source: Indian Express

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