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Talks to lease new modern, world-class , Nuclear attack Submarine


  • India is in final talks with Russia to lease a new nuclear attack submarine, giving a much needed boost to its depleting underwater fleet.
  • ‘Chakra 3’ project is in advanced stages and the issue will be discussed during Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Russia this week.


  • While talks on leasing a third Chakra have been on for over two years, a change of stand has taken place after the Modi government took over, with the Indian side insisting on a modern, world-class submarine on lease.
  • India is embarking on a project to produce indigenous class of nuclear attack boats (SSNs) under new submarine programme.
  • The plan, to build at least six SSNs in India, was given financial sanction in February and designers are already at work on the project that could cost upwards of Rs 90,000 crore.
  • These new submarines, to be fitted with the indigenous verticallylaunched Brahmos missile, are to be built at the Vizag-based ship building centre, with L&T expected to get a significant chunk of the work.
  • Work on making operational India’s first nuclear missile boat – different from a nuclear attack submarine is also underway with the first missile test from the submarine expected to take place this year.


  • The only nuclear attack submarine of this kind being produced in Russia currently is the Yasen class, the quietest, least detectable submarine it has ever built.

Source ET


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