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The Industrial & Investment Policy of Manipur, 2013 (IIPM)

The Government of Manipur aims to drive industrial growth by attracting private investments and provide an investment climate with better regulation by removing barriers to competition and growth. The investment climate is central to growth and outcomes for betterment of the society. The policy is to provide an investor friendly environment for rapid industrial development, to generate more employment opportunities and to have significant increase in the State Domestic Product in Manipur.


  1. Develop adequate infrastructures to ensure planned and accelerated industrial development.
  2. Promote maximum capital investment in the State for economic activities resulting in employment opportunities, improving standard of living of people at large and all-round development of the State.
  3. Strive for balanced development of all the districts.
  4. Promote export of items in which the State has comparative advantages over other States, based on raw materials and human skills.
  5. Take steps to promote handicrafts so as to preserve rich cultural heritage, traditions and customs of the State.
  6. Promote modernisation and technology up-gradation of existing industrial units.
  7. Encourage quality control, standardisation and competitiveness of local products.
  8. Promote eco-friendly industries.


The incentive/subsidy under the policy shall be applicable to all Micro, Small, Medium and Large enterprises which commence their commercial production in the State, from the date of enforcement.


  1. The capital investment subsidy is provided to a new industrial unit / enterprise at the rate of 30% (thirty per cent) on the capital investment on plant & machinery.
  2. All eligible Units/Enterprises set up in the international border areas and Export Oriented Units /enterprises at identified locations, are entitled to additional State 12 Capital Investment Subsidy of 15%(fifteen percent) provided such additional incentives shall not exceed Rs.50.00 lakhs per unit.
  3. All eligible Units/Enterprises set up by women entrepreneur or persons with disability are entitled to an additional State Capital Investment Subsidy of 10% (ten percent) subject to a ceiling of Rs.5.00 (five) lakhs per such unit whichever is less.
  4. Expansion / modernization /diversification of an existing industrial unit are also eligible for incentives if the capital investment on plant and machinery is more than 25% of the total fixed capital investment of the existing unit.
  5. The State Government provides subsidy to the Handicraft Unit in the fold of Micro Enterprise, located in the rural areas for the construction of work-shed / store room, to the extent of 50%.
  6. The subsidy is entitled to the Handicraft unit /Enterprise, against the number of artisan employed producing items for sale:
(I) Employing 20 to 50 artisans: 50% concession on floor space rentals or to the extent of Rs.50, 000/-(Rupees Fifty Thousand) whichever is less per year (twelve months), for a duration of five years.


(II) Employing above 50 but less than 100 artisans : 50% concession on floor space or rentals to the extent of Rs.1.0 Lakh (Rupees One Lakh) per year (twelve months), for a duration of 5(five) years.


(III) Employing above 100 artisans: 50% concession on floor space rentals or to the extent of Rs.2.0 Lakhs (Rupees Two Lakhs) per year (twelve months), for a duration of 5(five) years.



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