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Start-Up India-Stand Up India: A Start-up Revolution in the Beginning

“A dream doesn’t become reality by magic. It takes sweat, determination and hard-work”- Colin Powell

How at some point almost all of us have wished we could have a magic wand like Harry Potter to make our dreams a reality! But a dream remains just a dream unless you make it happen. Many of us at once have dreamt to change the world. However noble the idea is, to materialize that dream into reality takes a lot of courage, passion and extreme hard-work to hit the right note at the right time. 

“The value of an idea lies in the using of it”- Thomas Edison

Startups have been crowned as the new prince of business and countries are trying to make their eco-system startup friendly to attract them even more. India is no different in this scenario. According to industry sources, the country is going to be the startup hub in the world. The Narendra Modi government is working round the clock to make previously rigid laws for entrepreneurs into a successful one. The central government is working very hard to hit the right note to encourage more and more people to join the startup movement to create a strong business environment where lies great employment opportunity to help the Indian economy to grow.

So, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious initiative- ‘Start-Up India, Stand Up India’ is going to be launched tomorrow we at The Indian Iris try to give an overview of the event with highlighting the very five startups who have been selected by Google to pitch their presentation live in front of esteemed panelists to consisting of key VCs, global Google leaders and Government representatives (Based on an article by Your Story).

Start-Up India-Stand Up India

‘Start-Up India Stand Up India’ is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pet project to promote startups by bringing bank investments and other incentives to boost entrepreneurship and employment generation in the biggest democracy in the world. According to a NASSCOM report‘Start-up India – Momentous Rise of the Indian Start-up Ecosystem’, India ranks third in the world with the number of startups crossing over 4,200. The country has emerged as the fastest growing base for startups globally. The ambitious policy is to be launched tomorrow (January 16th) in Vigyan Bhavan with 1,500 startups attending it along with 40 from Silicon Valley and other industry giants and government policy .The event will facilitate the startups to have direct interactions with some of the big names of the industry as well as venture capitalists.

The event will be a continuous one-day affair and will include workshop on Startup Entrepreneurship that includes panel discussions on topics namely-  Unleashing Entrepreneurship and Innovation – What do Indian Startups Need to Grow and Prosper; Celebrating Women: Stories of Innovative Women Entrepreneurs; How digitization will change India’s future; Making Indian Healthcare Leapfrog; Financial inclusion is within reach. The event will also have interactive conversations hold by eminent venture capitalists and biz personalities like Mr. Masayoshi Son (Founder and CEO, SoftBank), Mr. Travis Kalanick (Founder, Uber) and Mr. Adam Nuemann (Founder, WeWork).

Global tech giant Google will provide $15,000 on-the-spot equity funding to especially early-stage startups while organizing a session titled “Launchpad Accelerator” which will enable startups to talk about their business ideas via live presentation. One of the sessions will include a discussion with the government authorities regarding various policy implementations and loopholes surrounding the schemes. In this scenario, the global giant has shortlisted five innovative startups for the Lanuchpad programme and the top three startups will receive an invitation to Google’s Launchpad Week 5 Day mentorship and guidance event with the winner among them receiving $100,000 in Google cloud credits.

Let’s take a look at the five short-listed startups!

Reap Benefit-

Reap Benefit is a social enterprise which works on three broad arenas namely-Research, Innovations and Creating Impact in Schools. It was founded in 2013 with an aim to solve local environmental, education and civic problems through data-driven innovations by engaging local youngsters. In only about two eyars of existence they were able to save over 200 tons of waste, 2 million liters of waters and over 1,00,000 unit of power. They have also developed cheap materials like water less urinals, weather stations, organic enzymes among others. To know more about this exciting startup, click here.

Cardiac Design Labs

It’s a Bangalore based Startup which provides solution in the world to provide comprehensive, realtime, remote cardiac diagnostics-The Revolutionary MIRCaM. MIRCaM stands for Mobile Intelligent Remote Cardiac Monitor. This consists of a Bodyworn unit, Patient’s Bedside Unit, a Doctor’s Terminal and a Doctor’s mobile application. Advanced Cardiac diagnosis in hospitals can be a costly affair so the startup provides real time analysis and generates instant alarms on episode detection, hence enhancing the quality of patient care and safety. To know more about this revolutionary startup, click here


The startup was founded in May 2013 which converts existing study contents into teaching packs. These adaptive teaching packs provide in-class guidance to teachers in various ways and facilitate them to teach a topic better. This guidance gets adapted to a teacher’s behaviour and mood of the student for providing best learning techniques for them. Click here to know more.


Founded in 2014, this startup focuses primarily on using wearable technology to unleash the sporting potential in a person. They use smartwatches and smartbrands which are available in the market to develop applications for these wearable to improve anyone’s sporting talent.  The startup delves deep into each sport wit spending time in understanding and decoding a game to devise solutions which effectively can better an individual’s game. Click here to know more about this innovative startup.

Sbalabs Pvt. Ltd- Jackboy Sense & Kalink

They are a team of scientists, designers, engineers driven towards the aim of solving real world problems with clever design and technology. Soot (Black Carbon) is a mass of impure carbon particles resulting from the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons i.e. air pollution. It is produced by vehicles and industries alike. Breathing in soot is linked to a wide range of serious health effects, including premature death, heart attacks, and strokes, bronchitis and aggravated asthma among children. The startup ​has been on the mission of repurposing pollution’s carbon capture to industrial grade raw material for printing industry (inks, pigments, paints etc.) They have introduced project kaalink(Kaali +ink) with the vision of converting air pollution into industrial grade printing ink. You can know more about their inspirational journey here

So, the question remains here is- can India really become the startup capital of the world? Well it will take some time before we get the answer but let us focus on this event as of now!

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