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The Social Welfare Department of Assam to bring welfare to differently able students

Government of Assam is providing special education facilities to the students with disability through the special schools run by either the direct support of the  state government or by the NGOs. These NGOs running that kind of schools receive recurring Grants-in-Aid from the Social Welfare Department of Assam govt. Students with disability like Deaf, Dumb, Blind, mentally retarted and phyisically handicapped are taught in these schools by the teachers, trained with required skill and methods specifically devised for teaching this category of disabled students. Most of these schools have hostel facilities and provide stipends also to its students.

Some of special schools in Assam:

  • Assam Andha Sishu Vidyalaya, Bihpuria
  • Sreemanta Sankar Mission Blind School Nagaon
  • Ghilamara Andha Vidyalaya, Lakhimpur
  • Janamangal Adarsha Andha Vidyalaya, Moranhat
  • Mental Welfare Society, Guwahati

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