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UAE Firm Tasweek ,to invest in Smart City Projects

With a lot of firms, Indian and Foreign, getting ready to invest in the Smart City Project, a few have already made strategical moves.

Current Developments:

  • Tasweek Real Estate Development, based in Abu Dhabi, recently partnered with MAMS Holdings Group in India.
  • This move helped them access expertise on the local market to support affordable living to the locals in UP
    Taweek and MAMS Holdings met Akhilesh Yadav to discuss various opportunities for urban development as well as Smart City.
  • Tasweek is also looking forward to mutually pursue business and investment prospects with MAMS in India
  • The CM is looking forward to provide smart living solutions, developing 2,00,000 low cost houses.

The 2015 federal budget includes provisions for ‘smart practices and smart living’, with USD 1 billion allocated for the Urban Rejuvenation Mission and USD 84 million earmarked for the habitation and development of 100 smart cities.

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