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Jayapur Village,Varanasi : Saansad Adarsh Gram by Modi Ji


  • Government allowed a PPP partnership to ensure a quick development without having any burden on public exchequer.
  • A food company from Maharashtra has built concrete Homes for locals at Vanwasi Basti. It is a One Bedroom flat with Kitchen and verandah, fitted with Solar lights and water pipelines.
  •  5 months ago there was no Bank in the village.Now  3 Nationalized banks , SBI,Union Bank Of India and Syndicate Bank have opened their branches.
  • An Anganwadi centre has been built by Union Bank Of India.It is well fitted with solar lights,Ceiling fans and marble floor.
  • 16 Bio-Toilets have been proposed for the village and 8 have already been installed.
  • Union Bank Of India has provided Sewing training to 30 Women and have provided them a loan of Rs. 50,000 so that they all can open a small scale business for themselves.
  • A Water and Sanitary project is already in progress to ensure these facilities to all the locals.
  • Earlier people walked  few kilometers to catch a Bus. Now there is a dedicated bus stop for the village.
  • A local Post Office has been opened.
  • A Bus service by a Gujrati Company for working Women has been started till Raja Talaab, the nearest town.
  • 50 Hand Pumps have been installed in the village
  • 50 Benches have been installed
  • 70 Solar lights have been fitted in streets and several dozen Tree Guards have been installed to protect trees,all by private firms.
  • The Women are now establishing Small scale industries, which will increase their income and will increase the overall stature of the Family.

Role of the M.P( Modi)

  • He  encouraged the Public and private organizations to work here
  • All these activities will be covered under Social Responsibilities of respective Organization, so at the end of the day it is a win win situation for all.
  • All work done in 5months time

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