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West Bengal: Training For Hygienic Handling Of Fish

Fish decomposes very fast. The biochemical/enzymatic degradation and microbial decomposition of fish start from the moment fish is caught in the net. The good practice of fish handling at various stages, from harvesting to landing, marketing, up to cooking and consumption, it is very important to retain the quality of fish. Therefore, it is essential to organize training programmes for fishermen, fish workers, fish traders and consumers in hygienic handling of fish.


  • Government departments/Research institutions/ Quasi Government organizations are eligible for assistance to implement of training programme.
  • Fish traders/Fishermen are eligible for participation in training programme.

Type of assistance:

  • Daily allowance of Rs 150/ day /trainee and reimbursement of actual to and fro travel, subject to a maximum of Rs 500 per trainee.
  • Honorarium of Rs 500 per day, and actual to and fro travel, subject to a maximum of Rs 1000.
  • 75/ trainee/ day to the Implementing Agency towards identification, mobilization of beneficiaries, supply of training material, etc.
  • Development of demonstration unit @ Rs 1.0 Lakh (one time grant) to the Implementing Agency to conduct regular training/ demonstration activities.
  • ICAR Fisheries Institutes/ Colleges of Fisheries under State Agriculture Universities/ Other Agencies using their own facilities will get a lump sum amount of Rs 1,00,000/- one time grant for this purpose.

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