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Ahilya Bai Holker Scheme: Uttarakhand

This scheme is implemented by the Animal Husbandry Department of Uttarakhand. The scheme is for development of Animal Rearing in State. Under this scheme Biometric Registration of all Sheep Rearers is done and also financial assistance is provided for the sustenance of the Rearing Farms. This scheme is for all residents of state. The scheme is reserved for BPL & Scheduled Caste (19%) and for Scheduled Tribe (4%). Preference will be given to the BPL, Unemployed People and Economically Weaker Sections.

Key Features:

For establishment of farm the total investment would be of Rs. 99,770. Out of this amount Rs. 91,770 will be given by the State Government as Grant and Beneficiary will have to invest a sum of Rs. 8000 for the farm. The details of expenditure are enlisted below:

Description Amount
10 Female Sheep/Goats Rs. 60,000
1 Male Sheep/Goat Rs. 8000
Repair/Construction of Shade Rs. 20,000
Medicines and Vaccinations Rs. 770
Transportation, Insurance and others Rs. 11,000
Total Rs. 99,770

Insurance will be of 3-Years. The beneficiary cannot sell the Sheep/Goat till 5 Years.

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