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Prawn Rearing Scheme: Uttar Pradesh

Prawn Rearing Scheme: Uttar Pradesh

For the financial development of fishermen across the state, diversification of the fisheries is necessary. For this rearing of Freshwater Giant Prawns is encouraged around the state. Giant Prawns are very rich in nutrients, mineral salts, proteins and lower contents of fat. The demand of Giant Prawns is also increasing day by day. Due to lesser amount of cholesterol present, it is highly preferred by Heart Patients. Also rearing of Giant Prawns is easier than fishes and it is sold in market on higher prices.

Selection of Beneficiary:

  • One beneficiary from each district covered in this scheme will be selected.
  • Must have at least 0.5 Hectares of space for prawn rearing.
  • Ready to invest 50% amount in the scheme.

Final Selection will be done by Deputy Director of Fisheries Department


  • 50% of the total manufacturing cost or Rs. 25,000 per unit (whichever is lesser) will be given as financial grant.

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