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500 Charkhas Distributed To Women Spinners by PM: Ludhiana

The Honorable PM Narendra Modi distributed 500 traditional Charkhas (Spinning Wheels) to women spinners who have been selected from different areas of Punjab belonging to the five khadi local institutions .

Talking about the distribution of charkhas, the Prime Minister said Khadi is a priority for us, and a charkha at home brings more income. He said Khadi is marketed well now, adding that once upon a time, the appropriate slogan was ‘Khadi for Nation,’ but now it should be ‘Khadi for Fashion.

Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) said following in the footsteps of late. Congress leader K Kamaraj, “Modi will distribute 500 traditional wooden charkhas to 500 woman spinners”

The Chairman of the KVIC, VK Saxena, said the woman spinners had been selected from different areas of Punjab.

“Five hundred charkhas will create 500 direct employment on the doorstep of these villagers,” Saxena said in a statement.

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