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Apprenticeship Training Scheme in Bihar- A Way to Provide Employment Opportunity

In order to provide opportunities to the people who are seeking jobs in various sectors or semi-skilled graduate from ITI/PITI to help them to get into the job training as an apprentice (trainee) in industries or service based activities, the Bihar government operates a scheme known as Apprenticeship Training scheme(ATS).

(ITI-Industrial Training Institute)

The ITI students are entitled to get rebate of training period according to their apprenticeship trade done during their course. It is expected that after completion of this program they are equipped with better skill which enhances their employment probability.

Stipend allotted for trade apprentices:

Year Amount (per Month)
First Rs. 2,100/- per month
Second Rs. 2,400/- per month
Third Rs. 2,800/- per month
Fourth Rs. 3,100/– per month

(The employers have to bear the stipend cost for trade apprentices)


  • Minimum age of apprentices is 14 years.
  • Duration of training varies from 1 year to 2 years
  • Seats for training are usually located by the Apprenticeship Adviser on the basis of prescribed ratio of Apprentices to Workers as well as availability of training facilities
  • 140 trades in 31 trade groups have been designated
  • This training has linkages with it is for 92 trades
  • Both the trainee as well as the employer have to sign a contract of apprenticeship training which is duly registered by the Apprenticeship Advisers


  • The All India Trade Test (AITT) for trade apprenticeship are usually conducted by the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) twice a year- in April/May and Oct/Nov.
  • National Apprenticeship Certificate (NAC) are awarded to those qualified apprentices who have successfully passed the AITT.
  • With the certificates, they are eligible to work under government/semi-government organizations.

Implementation of this training-

The Assistant Director Offices in different zone are responsible to implement the Apprenticeship programme. There are 3 such offices and the assistant directors are mainly responsible to assist and regulate this training programme in the state’s public and private sector industries.

How to apply?

Application for this training is welcomed twice a year- February/March and August/September. To apply for this training, contact here

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