Bring down LED bulb price or govt will import it : Power Ministry


  • Ministry of Power has asked LED bulb producers to bring down prices of LED bulbs.
  • Center  allow “indiscriminate imports” to increase competition in case any cartelisation is found in the segment. He emphasized that the competition should be healthy and on quality and margins.
  • The recent price discovery of Led bulbs in latest biding in the government tender was about Rs 72 for a 7 watt bulb which is much lower than maximum retail price which ranges between Rs 275-500.
  • The electricity amendment bill envisages providing customers the option to choose electricity service providers and is expected to bring more competition and improve quality of services in the power distribution segment.
  • The ministry has also launched a web portal which provides information regarding the power consumers who have got LED bulbs under the government scheme.
    Source: ET

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