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“Certificate of Excellence” Scheme for Museum Professionals


The objective of the Scheme is to acknowledge the achievements made by the employees of the Museums in order to encourage them to work hard in the pursuit of excellence.

Criteria for Consideration of the name of Museum Staff:

  1. The official to be considered for the award should be a regular employee working in any of the museums covered under the Scheme.
  2. The official should have done extraordinary work in museum related field/subject or should be pivotal in the evolution of an exemplary best practice.
  3. The extraordinary work done or the best practice evolved by the officer/official must have a direct link in the required increase either of the number of visitors or in the revenue generation or resulting in public acclaim of the Museum concerned.
  4. The work done or the practice evolved by the concerned officer/official resulting in the desired result in the previous financial year will be duly recommended by a Screening Committee, at the level of the Museum, and will have the following composition –
  • Head of Organisation
  • Two senior most curators/Museum professionals
  1. The recommendation by the Screening Committee will be duly certified by the Head of the Organisation with respect to the work done or the practice evolved by the concerned officer/official resulting in the desired result, before being forwarded to the Ministry for consideration. It should be noted that not more than five names should be sent by a Museum in that given year.
  2. The entries for the previous financial year should be sent to the Ministry by 15th of May of the current year. The Selection Committee should finalise and submit its recommendation to the Secretary (Culture) by the 15th of July. The Certificates should be awarded on 15th of August.
  3. An official who has been awarded under this component of the Scheme would not be eligible for nomination during the successive 3 years counted from the year in which the award was bestowed upon him/her, except when there are extraordinary reasons existing which have to be duly recorded by the Screening Committee, e.g. an official who is awarded in the year 2015-16 would not be eligible for applying for next award before 2019-20.

Implementation of Scheme:

The scheme will be implemented annually. Nominations will be invited from all the museums in the country duly recommended by the Head of the respective museum.

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