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Comprehensive Powerloom Cluster Development Scheme

Name of the scheme: Comprehensive Powerloom Cluster Development Scheme (CPCDS)

Purpose: Main purpose of this scheme is to enhance the competitiveness of the clusters in terms of increased market share and ensure increased productivity by higher unit value realization of the products. In order to ensure effective integration of scattered artisan/weaver bases, building their grass roots enterprises and linking them to SMEs and ensure economies of scale in operations.

Features of the proposed clusters:

  • Core Infrastructure like Road connectivity, Power Supply, Water supply, Water Reservoir with water harvesting facility, Drainage & Sewage line, Streetlights, Secured compound wall & wire fence, Solid waste disposal plant/Effluent Treatment Plan, Transportation facility and Parking bay.
  • Common Facilities like Common facility centre, Warehouse, Trade/Display Centre, Exhibition Hall, Convention Centre, Craft Based Resources Centres, Raw Material Bank and Information Centre.
  • H R Development Facilities & Training Centre like Recruitment Centre, Workflow Training Centre, Class room with LLD Project (For Classroom Training), Library; Recreation Centre, Workers’ Hostel, Faculty Room, Creche & Canteen, Labour Restroom and Management Consultancy Centre.
  • Weaving support Services & Commercial Area like Electrical Spare and Electrician, Weaving Accessories supply, Mechanical Workshop, Mills Store Shops, Machinery Vendors Spares and Service Centre.
  • Textile Export Service & Marketing Centre like Clearing Agents, Custom’s Office, Export related service, like DGFT Liaison, Registration with different EPCs and Export Marketing Consultant.
  • Common Facilities for Industrial Section like Communication Network (including broadband service), Administrative Building, Bank, Health Centre, Fire Fighting Station, Post Office and Primary School.
  • R &D Infrastructure like Product Design & Development Support Centre, Testing Laboratory, Quality Benchmark Centre [following TQM Technique], Material Research, Basic Product Technology Research, Pre-competitive Collaborative Research and Market Research.

Funding Pattern:

  • The funding would be in the ratio of 40:60; wherein Government grants per cluster may constitute a maximum of 40% (with a ceiling of Rs.70 crores) and the balance 60% would be raised by SPV through various stakeholders.
  • The contribution of 60% by SPV also includes the cost of land. While this sharing is largely valid at the overall project level, the respective shares of the stakeholders may vary from component to component depending upon the nature of interventions.
  • The Government of India’s (GOI) support under the Scheme to various components of each cluster will be as under:-
SL No Component Rate of assistance under the CPCDS Maximum limit of assistance
1 Core infrastructure 40% Rs. 40 crore
2 Common Facilities 40% Rs. 40 crore
3 HRD / Training Infrastructure 50% Rs. 10 crore
4 R & D Infrastructure 90% Rs.10 crore
5 Other need based infrastructure 40% Rs.10 crore

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