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Govt Announces Open Source Software Policy


  • The government has announced a policy for adopting open source software (OSS), making it mandatory that such software is considered along with proprietary products, as it looks to bring in transparency and lower total cost of ownership of projects.
  • The policy shall be applicable to Central government organisations and and those State governments that choose to adopt this policy.
  • Under the Policy, all government organisations, while implementing e-Governance applications and systems will have to include a specific requirement in Request for Proposal (RFP) for all suppliers to consider OSS along with closed source software (CSS) while responding .
  • Suppliers will have to provide justification for exclusion of OSS in their response, in case they do not do so.
  • Government organisations shall ensure compliance with this requirement and decide by comparing both OSS and CSS options with respect to capability, strategic control, scalability, security, life-time costs and support requirements.


  • Under the overarching vision of Digital India, Government of India aims to make government services digitally accessible to citizens in their localities and to ensure efficiency, transparency and reliability of such services at affordable costs.
  • Organisations worldwide have adopted alternative solutions to optimise costs by exploring avenues of OSS and the Policy will encourage the formal adoption and use of OSS in government organisations in the country.

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