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Two NGO’s of Nagaland to support Mid Day Meal Scheme

The state government’s endeavour to involve NGOs of Nagaland to take over the responsibility of implementation of Mid Day Meal (MDM) scheme in the two districts of Tuensang and Longleng is proving to be of success.

The department of school education, under the initiative of the minister for school education, Yitachu, inked an MoU with two NGOs, one each in Tuensang and Longleng. While the Eleutheros Christian Society (ECS) of Tuensang signed the MoU on 31st October 2016, the Phom Community Development Project (PCDP) signed its MoU with the state Government on 29th November 2016.
The concept behind this agreement was to have a “centralized kitchen” for effective implementation of the MDM scheme.

This Correspondent travelled to Tuensang and Longleng to get firsthand account and information on the implementation of MDM scheme in these two districts.
The three Churches manage the implementation of the scheme in their respective areas with the Church members themselves organizing the supplies, cooking and transportation of the cooked meals for the school children. The total number of students covered under the scheme is 15022 of primary and upper primary.

For the Chang and Tuensang town areas, ECS introduced a centralized kitchen with an aim to reduce the burden of the teachers in preparing the meals. According to Khumla Chang, an ECS representative, the concept of centralized kitchen which was started at GHSS Thangjam in the month of November 2016 now caters to seven more schools in and around Tuensang town. At GHSS Thangjam, the meals prepared at the centralized kitchen at the ECS headquarters, are packed and delivered to 8 schools located in Tuensang town.


Source : Nagalandpost 

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