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Home Ministry in Action

Operation Smile
When Ghaziabad police recovered 227 missing children in 30 days by a unique campaign called “Operation Smile” Rajanath Singh order the campaign to be emulated in other states too.

The plan has been successful  as at least eight states have told the Ministry that they rescued over 2500 missing children in the month of January alone by emulating the campaign of Ghaziabad Police.

Use of Red Beacon

The use of red beacon would be restricted as Gadkari has reportedly favoured limiting the privilege to President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, Speaker and Chief Justice of India at the Centre. In line with this norm, use of red beacon could be limited to governor, CM, assembly speaker and chief justice of the high court in states.  After the key ministers give their views, a formal proposal will be put before the government.  But it  is clear that the number of such dignitaries would be limited.


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