India scouts for new deep sea rescue ship, in talks with Russia for latest model


  • Indian Navy has no platform available in case one of its submarines meets with a mishap underwater and would be dependent on American rescue equipment that will have to be specially flown in.
  • The Navy for long has operated without a capable submarine rescue vessel, as was evident during the recent search for missing Coast Guard Dornier CG 791.
  • While the Navy used its submarines and hydrographic vessels to pin point the location of the aircraft that had settled on to the sea bed at a depth of 950 m, it required assistance from Reliance’s Olympic Canyon to bring out the flight data recorder.
  • The Indian Navy has initiated talks with Russia which will this year commission its new submarine rescue vessel under a new Project 21300 class.
  • Russian engineers have also solved the tricky rescue problem that occurred when the Kursk submarine sank with 118 hands in 2000.

Source: DefenceNews

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