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National Policy on Biofuel

The crude oil price has been fluctuating in the world market and has increased significantly in the recent past. India’s energy security would remain vulnerable until alternative fuels to substitute/supplement petro-based fuels are developed based on indigenously produced renewable feed stocks. In biofuels, the country has a ray of hope in providing energy security. Biofuels are environment friendly fuels and their utilization would address global concerns about containment of carbon emissions.


  • Accelerated development and promotion of the cultivation, production and use of biofuel.
  • Minimum level of biofuels become readily available in the market to meet the demand.


  • The focus for development of biofuels in India will be to utilize waste and degraded forest.
  • Cultivators, farmers, landless labourers etc will be encouraged to undertake plantations that provide the feedstock for bio-diesel and bio-ethanol.
  • Research, development and demonstration will be supported to cover all aspects from feedstock production and biofuels processing.
  • Technologies for end-use applications, including modification and development of engines for the transportation sector.
  • Development of test methods, procedures and protocols would be taken up on priority alongwith introduction of standards and certification for different biofuels and end use applications.

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