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Sabari rail project to be implemented in Kerela


Railways will implement Sabari Rail Project in Kerala to connect south India’s major pilgrim centre of Sabarimala through rail route.

  • The minister said, since the resources are limited, we have to put the resources where we get a maximum benefit within a shortest possible time. If we do doubling, it will give you quick benefits.
  • The Kerala government has opposed the Railways’ stand that the state should bear 50 per cent of the total cost for the Sabari rail project. The state government has said it was not possible for Kerala to bear more than Rs 780 crore cost due to the financial crunch being faced by it.
  • Prabhu has suggested a “different approach” and “long-term vision” to facilitate maximum train services in Kerala which is densily populated. He favoured quadrupling busy lines like Thiruvananthapuram-Kayamkulam and Ernakulam-Shoranur at an estimated cost of Rs 3,000 crore.
  • The minister has emphasized that the money could be found out, as such a project would solve the “huge bottleneck of traffic that we are suffering from” and Railways is the best environment friendly mode of transport in the country.

Source: NITI

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