Saving of $2 billion in four years through LED lights consumption


  • The government is planning to save $2 billion in four years by cutting down on energy usage by 10,000 MW during peak hours by promoting LED lights.
  • Another important step towards power saving is to boost rooftop solar power production.


  • The plan is to cut down energy demand by nearly 10,000 MW in peak hours by changing to LED lights in street and homes by 2019. This itself will save power to the tune of $2 billion.
  • Apart from this, the government is focusing on star rated appliances and improving industrial energy efficiency for an overall saving of about 100 billion units a year, that is 10 per cent of country’s current consumption.
  • Government is taking comprehensive steps to check coal mafia operating in mines including installation of CCTVs to boost output especially in eastern region.


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