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Scheme for distribution of whole wheat fortified atta under TPDS

In order to provide whole wheat fortified atta (WWFA) (whole wheat atta fortified with iron & folic acid) at subsidized rate to the consumers in the State, the State Government has decided to launch a scheme called “Scheme for distribution of whole wheat fortified atta”.

Under this scheme, the State Government, through its nodal agency will issue wheat, out of the monthly allocation received from the GOI under the TPDS (Targeted Public Distribution System), to those roller flour mills, which enter into an agreement with the nodal agency for manufacturing and supplying whole wheat fortified atta.

Allocation of wheat to the Roller flour mill

Any Roller flour mill in the State of Punjab can apply for allocation of wheat under this scheme. He/ She will be required to pay a refundable security of Rs. 25,000/-, which will not carry any interest at the time of refund, to PUNGRAIN (Punjab Grains Procurement Corporation Ltd.) and also enter into an agreement with PUNGRAIN and submit the documents regarding ISO, HACCP certification, electricity connection and other documents.

Non-Eligible Mills:

  • In case, at any stage, any information furnished by the miller is found to be false or incorrect, he/ she will not be entitled to get any wheat under this scheme and the agreement signed will get null & void and his/ her security shall stand forfeited.
  • Any roller flour mill, which is defaulter of the Government/ State agency or any criminal proceedings are pending against the mill, shall not be entitled to get wheat under this scheme.
  • In case, the flour miller also happens to be the owner of a rice mill, which has been declared defaulter by the State Govt. / agency, he/ she too will not be entitled to get wheat under this scheme.

Specification of bag to be used for packing whole wheat fortified atta:

  • The bag must adhere to the design approved by the Department of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs, Punjab. The bag will consist of two layers of LDPE & LLDPE. Outer layer (16”X 21.5”) milky & weighing 30 gms + 7% and inner layer/ lining (16” X 22.5”) weighing 10 gms + 7%.
  • Only Food grade packaging material and ink (branded) should be used for manufacturing the bag.
  • Bag manufacturer shall be approved by Managing Director, PUNGRAIN for each district/ as decided by MD, PUNGRAIN and the millers can only supply fortified atta in these bags specifically.

Information/Documents Required from Flour Mill Owners:

  1. Name/ Location of the mill
  2. Correspondence address
  3. Permanent address
  4. Details of the partners and their address ( Separately for each partner)
  5. PAN number
  6. VAT number/ licence
  7. Capacity of the flour mill, along with details of machinery
  8. SSI (Small Scale Industries) registration/ Factory Act Licence
  9. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) & Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification/ AF papers
  10. Connected load of the flour mill
  11. Pollution Certificate no. and its validity
  12. Details of liabilities
  13. Proof of electricity connection in the name of the mill
  14. Last year’s audited balance sheet
  15. Last year’s Income tax return
  16. An affidavit stating that the flour mill is not defaulter of Government/ State agency, in any way, the proprietor/ partners have never been punished under the EC Act and no criminal proceedings are pending against the proprietor/ partners.
  17. If lessee, a No Due Certificate from the owner be produced on a Stamp paper worth Rs 100/- ( to be executed by Executive Magistrate)

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