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Solar Thermal Programme: Uttarakhand

  • Solar Water Heater:

Solar water heating is one of the most important applications of solar energy. Solar water heater is a device that helps in heating water by using the energy from the Sun. The solar water heaters can be used in homes, nursing homes, hotels and guesthouses as an alternate of electric geyser. Solar water heating systems both flat plate type and evacuated tube collector type will be installed by UREDA in various public and private buildings like hospitals, hotels, guest houses, residential buildings etc. in both private and public sector in the state of Uttarakhand.

  • Dish Type Solar Cooker:

The installation of Dish Type Solar Cookers in the Govt. Primary Schools for cooking of “Mid-day Meal” is being done by UREDA. The main objective of the programme is to provide nutritious food to the students and aware the future generation about the Renewable Energy Systems. The scheme is centrally sponsored. UREDA has installed/distributed Solar Cooker Mid-day programme for school students and Market mode programme. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is providing CFA on every Solar Cooker and the rest amount of solar cooker is borne by beneficiaries.

  • Solar Steam Cooking System:

Solar Thermal Steam Generating System is installed by UREDA at Sri Ved Mata Gayatri Trust Shanti Kunj, Haridwar. The meal for 1000 devotees at the ashram is prepared from solar thermal steam generating system. The System is based on static concentrators/reflecting/concentrating solar rays. It has Central tracking system to track the sun automatically. Use of solar steam cooking system in place of LPG gas cylinders will make the annual savings of approx. Rs 8,10,000.

  • Parabolic Concentrator for condensation of Cow Urine:

Ayurveda has Treasure of recipes of Medicines one of the key potion is “Gomutra” (Deshi Cow’s Urine). Gomutra is pure medicine of immense health value. “Gou Tirthashram” in Tehri Garhwal has sheltered old disabled cows. The cow dung and cow urine is being used for economic development of organization. Organization has about 550 cow animals at its different centres. The organization preparing various medicines like Phenyl, Dettol and Incense sticks etc. with cow urine. The base of these medicines is concentrate of cow urine. The cow urine is boiled and then condensed to get Concentrate (Ark).  The conventional system for condensation of urine is a slow process and costly affair in fuel consumption. The organization has installed 16 Sq.M. Solar Concentrator for condensation of cow urine. The Project is partially sponsored by the MNRE.

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