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Uttar Pradesh: Assistance For MSME Technology Upgradation


Department of MSME and Export Promotion, Uttar Pradesh Govt. has introduced new scheme to develop competitiveness and rapid development of small enterprises under the effect of liberalization and new environment of economic globalization and world class competition.


Any micro or small enterprise in the State undertaking expansion and technological upgradation of production process is eligible for the scheme.


  • Assistance @50% (max. Rs. 2.5 Lakh) of sum expended for purchase and import of technology by MSE for quality improvement and increase in production, from recognized research organizations and Government institutions.
  • Capital aid @50% (max. Rs. 2 Lakh) to be given for arrangement of additional machines by MSE required for quality improvement and increase in production.
  • Interest Subsidy @5% per annum with maximum limit of Rs. 50,000 for 5 years on term loan taken from bank/financial institution for purchase of machines and equipment.
  • Assistance @90% (max. Rs. 50,000) of sum expended in productivity skill/market, technology research and consultation from recognized institutions will be provided to MSE.
  • Assistance @50% (max. Rs. 2 Lakhs) of sum expended for ISO and ISI category standardization.

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