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Indiramma housing scheme, Andhra Pradesh

  • In 2005, Government merged all the State sponsored housing schemes, Rural Permanent Housing, Urban Permanent Housing and Flood Housing and formulated INDIRAMMA scheme.
  • It covers people living in rural areas in the state of Andhra Pradesh.
  • INDIRAMMA housing is a flagship scheme of the State Government and was launched in 2006 with the objective of providing pucca houses to all Below Poverty Line (BPL) households in a phased manner within three years on saturation mode


  • The objective of this programme is to saturate the basic needs in respect of the identified activities in all the Villages and Towns.
  • To ensure overall development of the Villages/Towns in a transparent manner covering additional areas every year.
  • The primary aim of this programme is to provide in every village pucca houses, drinking water supply, drainage, power supply to every household, Road facilities, pensions to eligible ones, primary education to all, special nutrition and better health facilities in all the villages.
  • The aim is to make state hut-free.


  • All BPL families without permanent house are eligible under the scheme.
  • Families should not have benefitted under any other housing scheme.
  • Financial assistance in the form of subsidy and loan is provided by Government.
  • Andhra Pradesh State Housing Corporation Limited (APSHCL) provides technical assistance along with cement and building material at concessional rate.


  • 71 lakh houses have been sanctioned since 2006, of which approximately 26 lakh have been completed under three phases.
  • INDIRAMMA housing scheme involves funding from State Government in the form of subsidy, loan component and beneficiary contribution.
  • Government could not achieve the objective of saturation concept even 6 years after launching the scheme.

Source: TheHindu, NDTV, Indiramma

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